Carrer Profile

Currently finishing Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering at Universidade Federal de Campina Grande, Brazil. Mainly directed to development of embedded systems both hardware and software approaches.


Versatility in development os electronic and embedded systems are the main goals of experience during my carrer.

Computer Vision Systems using OpenCV and C++

My current development activities are mainly focused on feature extraction and classification using OpenCV and C++. Algorithms as SIFT, SURF and FAST are being currently studied to objet recognition applications.

IOT Development

My experience in IOT systems are mainly focused in MQTT and MQTTs over TCP/IP connection using WiFi using Expressif ESP-12e.

IP Core desing

Contributed designing a proof of concept parity check port using FPGA, validation using Verilator.

Matlab Toolbox Development

In 2015, associated with Radiometria Research Group of UFCG, build a toolbox for simulating electromagnetic fields using Wave Concept Iterative Method.


  • Sales Silva, H., de Araújo Farias, A., Karla de Freitas Serres, G., Jean René Serres, A., & Baudrand, H. (2015). Estudo de Otimização do Método Iterativo WCIP. Revista De Tecnologia Da Informação E Comunicação, 5(1), 16-21. Recuperado de http://rtic.com.br/index.php/rtic/article/view/59.


  • Linux Systems Administration
  • Linux Development for x86 and ARM targets using C/C++ (GNU Autotools, Cmake, CTest and other tools)
  • Embedded C/C++ (SoCs and Microcontrollers in general)
  • Scripting Languages (Javascript, Python, Lua)
  • Matlab (Object Oriented Toolbox Development)
  • Electronic circuit design using Eaglecad, Proteus, KiCAD, Altium Designer, Multisim…
  • Autocad 2D, SolidWorks
  • Version Control Systems (GIT, SVN, Mercurial)
  • Backend WEB Development using Node.js or PHP
  • Fronted WEB Development using HTML5, CSS, SASS, SCSS, Bootstrap, Jquery, Angular…


  • English (Listening: intermediate, Writing: Intermediate, Speaking: Intermediate)
  • Español (Listening: Advanced, Writing: Advanced, Speaking: Advanced)
  • Português (First Language)