Carrer Profile

I am a Brazilian Bachelor in Electrical Engineering currently living in Spain. My career profile is based on a strong background in electronics and embedded software. Feel free to contact me by phone in Brazil or Spain or by e-mail. I also have a slack channel.


Versatility in the development of electronic and embedded systems were the main goals of experience during my career but I also have experience in scientific instrument maintenance.

C/C++ programming

In 2019 I’ve contributed in an Open Source project called Pistache available at A complete STL C++11 REST framework for Linux systems. In this project, I’ve solved some memory leaks and some minor issues in the project structure.

Schematic Capture and PCB Design

I have strong knowledge in tools like Autodesk Eagle and Labcenter Electronics Proteus besides of know how to design mixed-signal and medium-frequency circuit-boards.

Linux Device Drivers

In 2018 I worked in Federal University of Campina Grande modifying V4L2 Linux drivers to add support to ADV7604 in a custom i.MX6 platform.

Computer Vision Systems using OpenCV

In 2018 I was responsible to investigate the application of OpenCV algorithms as SIFT, SURF and FAST in several projects to Federal University of Campina Grande C++. The main goal of my bachelor’s project was a performance comparison between the methods in a quad-core ARMv7 platform.

IOT Development

My experience in IOT systems is mainly focused on MQTT and MQTTs over TCP/IP connection using WiFi using Expressif ESP-12e.

In 2017 I ported the RFM95 Lora Radio Transceiver driver to Texas Instruments TM4C123GXL ARM Cortex M microcontroller. The driver was written in C.

IP Core design

Contributed designing a proof of concept parity check port using FPGA, validation using Verilator.

Matlab Toolbox Development

In 2015, associated with Radiometria Research Group of UFCG, build a toolbox for simulating electromagnetic fields using Wave Concept Iterative Method.


  • Sales Silva, H., de Araújo Farias, A., Karla de Freitas Serres, G., Jean René Serres, A., & Baudrand, H. (2015). Estudo de Otimização do Método Iterativo WCIP. Revista De Tecnologia Da Informação E Comunicação, 5(1), 16-21. Recuperado de


  • Linux Systems Administration
  • Linux Development for x86 and ARM targets using C/C++ (GNU Autotools, Cmake, CTest and other tools)
  • Embedded C/C++ (SoCs and Microcontrollers in general)
  • Scripting Languages (Javascript, Python, Lua)
  • Matlab (Object Oriented Toolbox Development)
  • Electronic circuit design using Eaglecad, Proteus, KiCAD, Altium Designer, Multisim…
  • Autocad 2D, SolidWorks
  • Version Control Systems (GIT, SVN, Mercurial)
  • Backend WEB Development using Node.js or PHP
  • Fronted WEB Development using HTML5, CSS, SASS, SCSS, Bootstrap, Jquery, Angular…


  • English (Listening: Advanced, Writing: Advanced, Speaking: Intermediate)
  • Español (Listening: Native, Writing: Native, Speaking: Native)
  • Português (Mothertongue)